DNA Analytica | Genetica alimentare
DNA Analytica offers services for DNA extraction and genetic analysis with innovative technologies in many sectors of the food industry (coffee, wheat, aquaculture, breeding, etc.)
DNA extraction, genetic analysis, innovative technologies , Trieste
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About Us

DNA Analytica was founded in 2011 as spin-off of University of Trieste with the aim to bring the academic research on genetics to the food sector.

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DNA Analytica offers services of molecular biology and genetics to the players of supply chain. Driven by innovation, we always evaluate the techniques that best match the needs of our clients, improving the current technology towards the latest developments.

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We keep developing analyses on matrices always new. DNA Analytica realized and currently offers the following list of services.

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Genetic certification: DNA Analytica release after the analyses its European registered label “DNA Verified by DNA Analytica” for the exposition on product labels, websites, or advertising

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